POCACOV Visit School With Her Teen Ambassador To Inspire Children / Young Persons ,Set Up POCACOV School Chess Club

The Police Campaign Against Cultism And Other Vices ( POCACOV) In it’s ongoing Nationwide School Visitations Under POCACOV Inspire Activities ,Visited Recently Police Day Secondary School Gariki Abuja with POCACOV Teen Ambassador, Chijioke Kalu Jnr who also is a taekwondo champion ,Chess Champion ,swimming  and basketball Athlete .According to the National Coordinator POCACOV, CSP Ebere Amaraizu  during the POCACOV Inspire activity ,the visit was geared towards promoting Positive Behaviours among children and young persons by exposing them to critical and strategic thinking ,building confidence amongst them, changing their mindsets and attitudes as well as exposing them to those life changing experiences and opportunities for a functional community . He further assured that the program through cross sector networks  will cut across many Nigerian Schools and communities .For us at POCACOV the Npf Community Policing Initiative And Public Relations Tool working with different stakeholders and multi Agencies for a safe , peaceful and secured communities,it is all about developmental prevention and Strenghtening of resilience  ,it is all about cutting the supply chains and conveyor Belts and it is all about inspiring them to greatness and that is why we are here with our  Teen Pocacov Ambassador Chijioke Kalu Jnr who is also a champion in chess, Taekwondo ,basketball and swimming .He is here to interact with his peer groups / Mate using the instrumentality of Chess to remind them on good conduct using the Instrumentality of Taekwondo especially as it affects their movement ,Choice and steps  as well as options involved in existence .Addressing Students,Chijioke Kalu Jnr the POCACOV Ambassador thanked them for  enlisting their interest in chess which is a mind game and very helpful and also  useful to young lads in terms of steps ,choice and options in life .He charged them not to loose focus and to constantly make considerations before taking certain steps and actions  which could be detrimental to achieving their aims as champions.Speaking before the inauguration of the POCACOV School Chess Club in the school ,Joseph Odudu a teacher and now chessmaster for pocacov school Chess club in the school,thanked the POCACOV National Coordinator With Team on behalf of the commandant of the school ,Sp Gloria Apeh and Express gratitude to POCACOV  Team for remembering  their school with this life changing experience program.Our Student have demonstrated their love for this club

which they welcomed with huge interest . Through the demonstration here today on chess ,our students have been able to understand that to every action taken ,there is  a reaction and consequences.

Highlight of the event was formal  inauguration of  POCACOV School Chess Club ( 1 Chess board will make a difference) as well as group  identification of King ,Knight,Queen ,Bishop  and pawns as well as their movement.Two  Chess Boards Courtesy of Pocacov Stakeholder Mr Obiora of Unlock SOI were presented by POCACOV Ambassador Chijioke Kalu Jnr to the newly set up and inaugurated POCACOV School Chess Club.

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