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Mbaise nation jubilates on the appointment of a new bishop

By Kennedy Onwunali

It was a moment of jubilation and excitement for the people of Mbaise nation as a new bishop Most Rev Fr Simeon Nwaobi was appointed for Mbaise Catholic Diocese.
This was made known by the convener Ahiara Diocese World-Wide Laity Council (ADWWLC) and Chairman Mbaise Policy RoundTable (MPR) Professor Eddie Oparaoji in an exclusive interview with Silvernews On Globalfm Mbaise the (MPR) chairman
posited that it was a very exciting moment for Mbaise extractions as well as Mbaise nation globally.
Prof Oparaoji however disclosed, that the reception of the bishop’s appointment haa been something beyond being a strategy to Mbaise. revealing, that the jubilation was even to the admiration of adversaries as they were being seen and looked at with amazing feeling and other accomplishments of people who are very resilient which shows that truly, prayer works.
He equally pointed out that the steadfastness and the doggedness of the clergy, laity was something else adding, that the battle created a new vicar for Ahiara Catholic and with the formation and creation of Ahiara diocese worldwide and the laity council which he and his colleague Dr Jude Ihuoma conveyed in collaboration with the clergy and every one who has the interest of Ahiara diocese in mind.
The Chairman emphasized that it is an understatement to say that their sons and daughters, friends globally are rejoicing and are very much excited about what appears to be a very perfect appointment.
On the issue of why Bishop of Mbaise extraction should be appointed for the Catholic Church of Mbaise, he stated that what they have been asking is for a bishop and from the way the Vatican works, they have their own mind and have also, taken a first step in that direction with the belief that it is not going to be the final destination noting, that every step, every indication points to the fact that their demands are being favorably reviwed, which is a step in confidence building between the Vatican and the diocese.
He opined that for the Ezurezu Mbaise, the apex socio- cultural organization for Mbaise, he would not have wanted them to place up that demand for the bishop at this time though by the nature of the christian faith, when u pray, you get something and if that is not what you want you keep praying adding, that one of the things they should be sensitive about is that sometimes, the way they see things can be misunderstood or misinterpreted in a different way and whoever is speaking for them should have that at the back of his mind.
Still speaking, he maintained that it is not wrong to demand for what they really wanted maintaing, that this time should rather be a time for joy and the celebration they all are having should be paramount at this point in time.
Reacting on the award “Kpakpando 1 of Igboland he described it as an outstanding award for the Igbo nation adding, that it is quite a surprise when he got the call that he would be guven the award disclosing, that he has done a lot of things for youth development.
He emphasised that the youths are our future as well as his passion and that he has used his resources to help the youth and will contine to do so for the youths particularly those from Mbaise, South East even across the globe. and thereby, appreciated the organisation that gave him the prestigious award assuring, that he would not disappoint them but would partner and work with them.

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