As preparations for the 2023 Imo governorship election gets underway, a salient, strategic and revolutionary voice should and must be listened to by Imo voters who are desirous of positive change in the affairs of the state.

The candidacy of Ikenga Jonjude OKere on the platform of the Accord party is the ideal governorship candidate; it is fit, ripe and timely for Imo state for some important reasons and factors.

The timely, distinct and pragmatic voice of Ikenga Jonjude Okere should and must be listened to now by Imo voters if they want the state of insecurity curently pervading the state to be curtailed and subsequently stopped.

Ikenga JonJude Okere represents a clear departure from untidy,lackadaisical and corrupt ways of some past administration and the present one in the state.

For Imo state to return to the fold of states on the part to systainable development,the voice of Ikenga must be heard and hearkened to.

The Ngor Okpala born entrepreneur is a renowned boardroom guru and an effective political mobilizer who brought his innate skills to bear on the “OBidients” movement in Imo and Nigeria at large.

Ikenga Jonjude’s clean and unblemished record in the private sector where he has distinguished himself for years and his integrity backed political activities are some of the reasons why the Imo voters must not only listen to but look towards his direction with their votes come November 11th 2023.

An A-rated state in terms of human and natural resources like Imo, should as a matter of development, peace and progress embrace an urbane personality, crime and cintroversy free political leader in Ikenga Jonjude, a man whose allegiance is not to the array of political jobbers and middle class criminals in the state but to the masses.

For Imo State, the heartland of the Orients, her quest to reclaim her lost glory and prime status east of the Niger, the progressive and timely voice of Ikenga Jonjude OKere must be heard.

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