ENIC Owerri Super 4: Excitement, Thrills as Nnewi Sports Club beat Safari Sports Club

…as Mike Iheanetu urges inclusion of youths in games

It was an atmosphere of joy and happiness as Nnewi Sports Club defeated Safari Sports Club in one of the quarter finals games of the ENIC Tennis League at Owerri Recreation Club.

Reacting after the game, President of Nnewi Sports Club, Ezekaka Ifeanyi told Wakawaka Sports Extra that he motivated his lads with incentives which spurred them to victory.

“I feel very very happy for how it all ended. Before that it was almost going up and down but at the end, we won the game. I thought we will lose it but after promising them incentives, the game changed.

“It is a motivational force that aided us to do well he warmed other teams to watch out for Nnewi sports club we will be the winners of the extravaganza, Owerri is a winning ground for us because Nnewi will celebrate the new sports house with the ENIC trophy this year before the 25 year celebration of the sponsorship of the league by Cultix PLC .

His counterpart and President of Safari Recreation Club, Hon. Mike Iheanetu congratulated the Nnewi side but expressed concerns over non-participation of youths in the championship.

Iheanetu called on the youths to participate in the games noting that as the President of his club, he had to renovate and rehabilitate the court and put out a training facility to aid learners growth in the game.

On his role as the President, he said that Safari Recreation Club brought a motion to the organisers to introduce new games which was implemented to boost participation among members.

He said: “I’m so much encouraged that ENIC has advanced in terms of Tennis development and I congratulate Nnewi Sports Club, yes, they narrowly defeated us by a point but my players did very well. I’m impressed.

“My worry is that the younger ones are not playing Tennis. I can’t imagine myself still playing active Tennis. By this age when the younger ones are there. We have to do everything to see how we can develop and bring the younger club members to begin to appreciate the game of Tennis. I’m happy we are enjoying it.

“My problem is getting to prepare the foundation for the younger ones to come which is why in Safari today, I have taken it as a point of duty to make sure we rehabilitate and renovate our court and we have to put a training wall where learners can start from there.

“For ENIC committee, Safari made a motion that other games should be added to ENIC instead of Tennis older. Some of us are getting older, we get interested in other games than tennis. We rempahsised that in Enugu and they carried it. I’m so excited that ENIC has opened up about six games non-scoring basis.

“We are now going to have draft, scrabble, badminton and table tennis. That’s very interesting, my advice is for the younger ones who are joining the club should participate in one event or the other. The foundation is there, I encourage them to simply take a cue from us.”

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