Hepzibah Heart of Gold Foundation donates food items, clothing to widows in Imo community

…as Opara Obiageli urges Govt to assist widows

A non-profit organization, Hepzibah Heart of Gold, has donated food items and clothing to widows of Avu Community in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State.

In an interview with Wakawaka Sports Extra, founder of the Foundation, Mrs Obiageli Opara, wife of Air Vice Marshal Frank Opara Rtd said it was a vision God gave her 10 years ago to reach out to the less privileged in the society.

Her words: “It’s a vision I got about 10 years ago. Every year I come back home I usually reach out to the less privileged in the community but 2 years ago while we were in Enugu, I had a strong lead to celebrate my birthday with the widows.

“Even when my husband and children were waiting for me in Abuja to celebrate my birthday with surprised packages, I insisted on celebrating it with the widows in Enugu and it turned out to be very massive.

“In fact, I cried. That was how it started and I heard God directly that I should go ahead and reach out to these ones because they are wives to my ‘father’ because God said he is the husband to the widows.

“Being a Christian, I felt that was my little way of reaching to the less privileged ones. Since then it has been so wonderful. Every quarter I found a way to reach out to them. I have been doing it in Enugu for sometime now but this year I decided to reach out to those of them in my community and it was really amazing.”

She noted that the programme has been on a quarterly basis adding that it’s a vision that will involve all widows encompassing the indigent ones and those suffering in their marital homes.

“It’s a vision that will involve a lot of things. Like we all know, widows are all encompassing. We have the indigent ones, those of them that have what it takes but are passing one phase or the other as a result of ill lucks.

“God has special interest in these ones. When it comes to those of them that their husbands relations are being denied of their properties, its one of the things that we are going to look at because in our midst we have lawyers, medical doctors, pharmacists, various women in different fields.”

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The Estate Valuer and Surveyor tasked government to assist widows noting that they are human beings that deserve better treatment from the masses and government.

She said: “By the time we start off in Abuja, it’s not going to be indigent widows, we are going to look at all those widows that are passing through phases and we are going to involve the specialists in different fields to look at their problems.

“By the time we go into that, definitely government should come in because they are really suffering because what we are looking at is how to alleviate the problems of these ones.

“Widowhood is not a curse and it’s not by their making. We should not ostracise them because they are widows. We are going to look into their problems as individuals and by the special grace of God, it will be a thing of the past. It’s not something one should embrace in fear because its not by their making.”

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