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Glamour, Glitz as Suleiman Weds Sorochi in Mbaise Imo State


It was an atmosphere of glamour and glitz as Engineer Garuba Suleiman from Gombe State had the traditional and white marriage rites of his wife Sorochi Enwere from Imo State, last December at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church Amumara Mbaise.

Mrs Sorochi Sulieman, who hails from Amumara in Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA of Imo State told www.silvernews.com.ng how her 18-year old relationship journey finally became a reality.

According to her, the journey was characterized by disagreements from everyone involved while admonishing people out there to be resilient in what they want in life.

Her words: “It’s my pleasure and fun that it happened today. This has been years and that boils down to what my husband said, Nigerians the whole tribe, they are so much into themselves. They don’t believe that the next tribe is good, that the next region is good and that lingered this marriage till now.

“Disagreement on both sides on why you will marry a Muslim. That made it a little tough. Everything is accepting the reality that love conquers all. This is 18 years in relationship, 17 years in marriage. My first son is 16. It’s been headache. We thank God everything is over. Both families have accepted each other and the long for this day, I’m glad it came to pass.

“My message for people out there is resilient. If you know what you want and its the right thing, forget about what people out there think provided you are happy. Don’t back out, believe in yourself because someday everybody will understand what you actually saw. Be nice and good and have that good understanding to people.”

Similarly, her husband, Engineer Suleiman recounted how he met her in Port Harcourt and knew she was the right one that poses all the attributes of an industrious lady despite her religion and ethnicity.

While calling on people to embrace each other irrespective of tribe or religion, he urged individuals to be open-minded, listen to people and go for their heart.

Suleiman said: “I met my wife years back in Port Harcourt. Today to the glory of God we have six kids and we did court wedding in 2006. Since then we have being raising our family but we decided to come back home to celebrate marriage blessing and do everything according to tradition.

“Actually for me there was nothing like any different kind of feeling. I met her and knew right away she is the one. Back home there is this agitation that you cannot do that, she is this and of course here too, she ia going to be slaughtered in the North.

“A lot of things happened but both of us made it happen. We stood by ourselves. We listened but did not ignore anyone but when the finish their explanations we say this is the fact. That’s how to keep telling people that this is a different thing already. Basically both of us made it happened.

“Honestly, she is an industrious lady and is somebody that can turn anything into something. Those are the major qualities when you look at other places especially where we come from. Women are not in the fore front in the society. I met a woman that is really very straight forward and I knew right away she is the one.

“The message I have for other people is to be open-minded and everywhere you go people are not the same. You cannot generalize statements that these people are this or whatever. I met her and knew she is the one. There is no regret. Be open-minded, listen to people and go for your heart.”

The event was witnessed by both parents of the couples as Chief Thomas Ikechi Enwere and his wife, Prophetess Cecilia Enwere all expressed satisfaction in giving out their daughter in marriage to a man from the north.

Chief Enwere said: “I love it and am grateful. It’s the will of God and it has happened. They will live in peace with God guidance.”

Prophetess Enwere said: “Wonderfully over happy. I feel happy and so much glad, thanking God immensely for his prediction has come to pass. My message to them is, they should continue in love, unity and oneness. God gave man nothing but peace, its that peace the devil doesn’t want it.”


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