US-Based Diaspora Group Commends the United States for Demanding Free and Fair 2023 Elections in Nigerian

Washington DC, September 3, 2022: The Vice-President Kamala Harris of the United States of America has expressed hope that next year’s general election in Nigeria will be peaceful and reflective of the will of the people. She this during a press conference at the commencement of a bilateral meeting with Nigeria’s Vice President Professor Yomi Osinbajo. Kamala Harris stated that “The United States remains committed to supporting free and fair elections in Nigeria next February, elections, which we have confidence will be peaceful and reflect the will of the people and of course, we do feel very strongly, as I know you do, that Nigeria is and must remain a bastion of democracy for West Africa.”

It must be recalled that it had been reported that an influential US-based organization- the Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy (NACJD), had alerted the US government that rigging of the 2023 Nigerian elections has started. According to the report, the NACJD cautioned INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, that the Presidential elections is in his hands and that Nigerians will hold him personally responsible should the elections not reflect the wishes of the Nigerian electorate. It then informed INEC that she has “alerted the United States government and agencies, the United Nations, and calls on all Nigerians to be wide-awake and watchful as we call on INEC to never joke with Nigerians one more time!”

Reacting to the statement by Vice President Harris, the Chairman of NACJD Professor Eddie Oparaoji, said “we commend the Vice President Harris and the United States for this very important statement regarding US expectations for the 2023 elections in Nigeria. In these upcoming elections the Nigerian electorates, especially the youths, are powering a political movement to upturn a very nervous status quo, whose only hope of staying in power is stealing the elections. This would be catastrophic with existential consequences! We therefore expect that the US would in addition to statements, send a large and strong contingent of election monitors and gadgets, to ensure the rebirth of a constitutional democracy in Nigeria”.

The NACJD is a Washington, DC, USA Research and Good Governance advocacy non-profit organization, that lobbies the US Government, the Congress, and the policy-making community to influence US policies on Nigeria

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