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Owerri agog as works of art, sports on display at Owerri Sports Club


It has been said that the people who attend the Art of Sports, which has been the most talked about event this month, are now all that are left who appreciate the arts in a society that is fast becoming bankrupt of cultural, moral and ethical values, where the love of consumption has swallowed the sense of production.

The creative arts is going to produce valuable works that will one day decorate walls of home and offices at home and abroad, earning us vital hard currency with ease!

Sports is the most engaging and interactive activity other than war, Art will help communicate to our senses, the importance of meaningful engagement with the youth, as an alternative to self-destruction in a failing economy.

Art is a creative outlet where we can express ourselves in so many ways and stay stress free.

Also, Athletes explores the collision of art, sports and science, showcasing curated artwork and merchandise that inspire participation and drives charitable giving to programs that foster art and science.

Owerri will witness a full-week display of various works of art and sports at the Owerri club.

Ticket selling points are already open in town from the club to points in the state.

Old English Bar & Grills Item Street, Owerri

Owerri Sports Club Owerri

Firewood Harbour
#1 Bishop Nwaogu Street New Owerri

30 Mbari Street opp Eze Imo Palace Owerri

Ekwe Square

Proline Fitness
New Owerri

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