Duke of Obowo Onukaogu Salutes Catholic Women on Mother’s Day

The Duke of Obowo and President General Imo Union South -Africa High Chief Kingsley Onukaogu.

By Silver News

The President General Imo Union South -Africa High Chief Kingsley Onukaogu has extended his greetings to catholic women and all women in general on the occasion of their Mother’s Day celebration.

Onukaogu who holds the title of (Duke of Obowo) extolled the unique role of mothers and said that the mothers occupy a special place in the heart of man.

According to him, women are strategic in God’s procreation plan hence they are the mothers of every human.

Onukaogu noted that mothers deserved all the good things of life including continued prayer and support.

He said not just because they are women but for the important role they play in shaping the society through purposeful and value driven upbringing of the children .

While congratulating them on their special day celebration, he prayed for God’s protection and guidance over all mothers..

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