A Sports Administrator and South East Director of the Nigeria Nationwideleagueone (NLO) has bemoaned the Culture of Violence and hooliganism amongst some Sports Fans/Followers mainly in football and attributing the cause to ignorance/Lack of knowledge of Olympic Sports Education and true essence of Sportsmanship.He described the situation as worrisome just as he advocated for a National Sports Framework at all levels which will put through all and sundry especially FANS/Club managers amongst others in the knowledge of Olympic Sports Education which promotes fair play and Sportsmanship and further observed that the incident in Bauchi during Wikki Tourists fc Vs Enyimba,The incident at Mko Abiola National Stadium that hosted  GHANA and Nigeria Match as well as the recent one at Kano pillars during their match with katsina united fc just to mention but a few ,are cases in point. Amaraizu however noted that when we begin  to read the following as news ;FANS GO ON RAMPAGE AFTER CLUB DRAW,FANS BRUTALIZE EITHER VISITING OR CLUB PLAYERS?OFFICIALS  AFTER STALEMATE,LEAGUE ENCOUNTER TURNS SOUR AS PLAYERS,OFFICIALS ASSAULTED ,VEHICLES AND PROPERTIES DAMAGED/VANDALIZED.,It begins to give us a sense of worry and concern on what the true spirit of sportsmanship is all about .True spirit of sportsmanship is the ability to concede to defeat  without acrimony and exhibiting the spirit of friendliness which Sports generally is known for and in building  a better world which is the vision of olympism.Olympism is a philosophy of life that places Sport at the service of mankind and football should be seen as one of those sporting events.Olympic Values of Sports teaches Excellence,Respect and Friendship.We must strive to propagate this and make all sports Fans,Managers understand that in sports ,You play to win,draw or lose and the ability to express the  true spirit of Sportsmanship by conceding to defeat when one loses, makes that difference.We use sports to build friendship and express the true spirit of Sportsmanship knowing fully well that we will still play tomorrow.For us to make head-ways and use sports to build a better world that does not take cognizance of Religion,Colour/Race,Educational /Cultural Background,Financial and Social Status,we must understand the fact that Olymism is more than concept for Sports,It is a philosophy of life.Sports is used to break barriers of violence and Acrimony.Therefore,Holiganism,Thuggery,Violence of any kind should be discouraged to allow for realisation of potentials of sports in terms of its core values such as instrument for driving National ideology,Means of enhancing Education,Promotion of Culture,Creation of Employment opportunities,Social Justice,Self Discovery,Fair play,promotion of social mobilization ,harmony and National Integrtaion amongst others.Indeed,it is pertinent for enhanced stakeholders,FANS sensitizations in order to be kept abreast with dangers of Violence,Hooliganism at our various stadium .To help deepen the sensitizations ,it is recommended that the LMC  and other regulatory bodies should emulate the proactive step taken by the Nationwideleagueone through their partnership with the Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices(POCACOV) with SAY NO TO VIOLENCE,HOOLIGASIM campaign which must include the use of billboards,fliers ,posters and other campaign materials.NLO/POCACOV partnership is all about Mobilization ,Partnership,Participation and problem solving and through this ,stakeholders,Youth Populace and FANS are informed and educated about olympic sports education for olympic values  for Excellence,Respect and Friendship.

Various Sports Regulating Bodies at all levels country should as a matter of urgency,rise up to the occassion of ensuring that violence ,hooliganism are prevented to avoid dragging Nigerians sporting image and pedigree to disrepute .The Nigeria football Federation (Nff) is recommended to prevail on league bodies to initiate a formidable stakeholders engagement/interface that will help give a direction to our young minds in terms of Olympic sports Education and Olympic values for a greater society while also it is mandatory to regularly conduct adequate risk assessment analysis before any sporting event to ward of various untoward incidences that may jeopardize the essence of any sporting competition or events .It is also pertinent to mention that club owners and management must be willing to embrace the tenets of sportsmanship and fair play even when they are not winning .Spirit of sportmanship and fair play is the real essence of any game and which is routed to Olympism vision and mission and values .Sports is not a place of war,violence and taking revenge but a place of making friends ,,breaking all manners of barriers for a better society/world .Sports is a unifying factor and not a dividing factor .
The Writer Coach Ebere Amaraizu is an Olympic Solidarity Sports Administrator and the Director South East of the Nigeria Nationwideleague one (NLO).

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