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Coach Imama expresses confidence in Abia warriors team


Abia Warriors Fc coach Imama Amapkabo has expressed confidence in his team and is optimistic that the team will do better than last season.

Coach Imama told silvernews “Well I have served as a head coach of this team and manager of the team for one year,

you know I came and I started building the team and we got to a point we unfortunately lost some key players of the team and am glad for those players because whatever work that we have been putting in was positive because the club they have moved to, they have been key players there as well and then we have had new in takes into the team trying to replace those old players , so for me , personally as a manager of the team I think we are going to do better than we did last year, because we have been able to get a replacement for those players ,and fortunately for me I have also had the time because the league didn’t start when it was suppose to start and for me to be able to bring this players you know.

let us assume that I started from point A, you know with my team if we have my complete players, I would have been teaching point D now, because of this new players we had now , we have to start going back to point B, am glad that most of them are imbibing what we are trying to teach and coach them and I think it is a plus, when ever they announce that the league will kick start, I think abia warriors should be ready and let me be a Nigerian I want to trust God that God will perfect that which we have been able to put in.

Ehhhm as for the Tico/select tournament, it is an avenue for me to give every member of my team an equal opportunity to play, you know like I announced to them all the time , I don’t believe that as a team, we have to sign 35 players and if we have to do that we have to also have the privilege of signing five under age players. I am bold to say that my team has arguably most of the young lads in the league and if that is the case I think before the big league starts I ask a question before we came into these competition how many of the premier leagues team are going to be here, in my zone we have heartland and we have abia warriors, reason I agree to play


we have been able to get a couple of top great friendly games, to me the results in this games don’t actually matter to me but you know sitting up watching the team play and trying to see how best and they have been able to adapt to whatever tactical formation that we have been able to coach, its my principal concern and trying to see how big most of this player that are going to play the league for the first time you know how they will be able to adapt playing against this bigger teams, I agree completely that friendly games or competition like this are not the competition proper but they give you a Mirror to what gonna happen in terms of the players production so is nice that we are here first game is gone presenting a different team another set of eleven altogether in our second game against rivers united we are playing heartland tomorrow we have been able to give another set of eleven .

you know in my first game we play lots of players out of position I have left back playing as a right back, a left back playing as a center back. my three left back were all in team and it was exciting for me to see you know how they are able to function and to me is exciting . so this experimentation gives me lots of believe and confidence in the team. “ He concluded


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