Home News Imo basketball association chairman rues turn out of event in NBBF

Imo basketball association chairman rues turn out of event in NBBF

Imo basketball association chairman rues turn out of event in NBBF


The chairman Imo state basketball association and former Delta force basketball player, Mr Kelechi Anosike has rued the turn-out of events in the Nigerian basketball federation.

Mr Anosike said this during an exclusive interview with wakawaka sports in Owerri .

He said “We spend our time and resources going to Abuja for this extraordinary Congress

Even if we they have it in mind to destabilize the whole thing, they would have counter the Congress because people from the ministry attended the program, the congress were attended by basketball stakeholders from every state of the nation not hired crowd so am surprised that some people are wasting their time trying to destroy basketball in the country .

I have already booked a flight from Lagos to Edo, I was on my way to Lagos that was when I receive that shock information and is not good so they should allow basketball grow, they should look at basketball like football is not only football that is independent, other sports are independent on their own.

Few people decides that they can pocket basketball, we the congress, we will disagree with them as far as Imo state is concerned, we are 100℅ backing the kida administion he has only been at the office for four years if you fellow what is happening you will discover , he is was in court for three years just years, and since is four years you don’t judge somebody for just only 4 years even that four years it was so how you do you expect him to perform miracle? because right now they are using a local league to campaign against him, then you ask yourself OK there was a judgement on February, so you look from February how can you get a sponsor, its very difficult they should allow the man to finish his first tenure then they can now judge the man based on his eight years of his tenure.” Anosike said.

Speaking about the four years tenure spent by the Kida in achieving result by beating Argentina and USA what he thinks will happen if Nigeria is band by FIBA and Mr kelechi said he was impressed with the result so far although they did not go far at the Olympic “ to assemble those players to represent Nigeria is not an easy task because those players has not been to Nigeria before and it takes time and resources to convince them to wear the green and white Jersey, he praised the coach by giving him a 95℅ accolades because it surprises me when people write something against him, if anyone feels that he has the crowd and feel he can do the job he should feel free to contest at the pool instead of criticizing the administion, if is possible to convince the Congress instead of using the social media to criticize , I believed that people that is painting him bad should just think twice of their actions of what they will achieve ,if FIBA descend on Nigeria now are they going to benefit from it ?so to me I feel that they should just give him another chance , its Very clear that history has already taken it caused ,i will not be surpris if the congress has implemented their wish , I believed that as I am speaking to you now they are discussion but will emage outside to tell you another thing because even the minister did not give feed back to Nigerians because it was going to be a big disaster if we are bad, it will be very bad.” Anosike concluded.


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