Yaro: Anybody who can face the physicality in Nigeria Football will excel abroad

Sani Abutu Yaro, a young player who recently caught the attention of players and fans of Heartland football club in Owerri when he took part in a friendly game for the second team at the Dan Anyiam stadium, has offered his own share of experience playing in Nigeria compared to playing abroad.

In an exclusive interview with Wakawaka sports after the game, the Canadian based player shed more light on his football career experience and the reaction of fans on his debut at the Dan Anyiam stadium in Owerri.

“The game generally was a good game, alot of fitness and strength.”
Yaro rated his first match with the Heartland FC second team as encouraging.

He also added that his game was a little bit fair considering the fact that he has not trained in a while, he made it clear that he did not really perform up his standard compared to what he usually gives out in the field of play if he is fully fit but generally it was not a bad one, believing with constant training and regular play he will get back to his form.

When he was asked about his football background he said, “ I use to play football locally here before I moved to Canada, to an amateur side called Olivita, I have been paying there for 3years now, football in Canada is different from Nigeria system of football.
Nigeria system is full of physical fitness and strength while Canada is more tactical, anyone who can face the physicality here in Nigeria can excel easily abroad. “

The Kogi state young sensation from said he hopes to break into the big world of football soon.

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