The Police Campaign Against  Cultism and Other Vices(POCACOV) has advocated for good parenting in order for the young minds and youths to be properly guided in order not  to go into astray  and out of the right way  by joining destructive groups such as cult and other criminal groups.The National Coordinator POCACOV CSP Ebere Amaraizu made this known following the outcome of modules on good parenting developed by the POCACOV Resource Centre in Enugu titled The Efficacy of good parenting.According to Amaraizu,good parenting cut across good guidance of children,young minds to always on the values,customs and morals but depends on the parents,guidance and caregivers to shine the light  as the leaders of family.You must know the way,show the way and go the way and that way,children must and young minds must emulate and practice the set standard.Parents should avoid exhibition of rancour/violent behaviour and any thing that suggest vices as such can be emulated as a way of life to be practiced by them later.Parenting is a serious business  and adequate care must be taken and exercised  by parents not to expose children and young minds to social risk factors  in the areas of trying to go get advise from the peer group which eventually may trigger peer group pressure,Family disintegration,irresponsible life style,lack of confidence amongst others.
Amaraizu noted that all hands must have to be on deck in the ongoing campaign by the Nigeria Police Force with stakeholders against cultism ,Substance and drug Abuse and other vices in order to save our children/Youths from the claws of cultism and other vices pointing out that  most parents,guidance and caregivers are  responsible for their children waywardness.
Evidence drawn from psychological analyses revealed that  Parents who give their children everything they ask for creates the impression to them that they have right to whatever  they want,Parents who laugh when their children speak foul language against others especially older person by that encourages and creating the impression  that disrespect is  normal and fun,When parents dont reprimand children  for bad behaviours,the children will grow up thinking that there are no rules in the society,Parents who cover up their children”s misdeed  passes the message that they can do  and undo with impunity and as such that accountability is not required in life and this is a big mistake ,Parents who stop watching television  because their children cry when  they change channels ,the message is that the child grows up without a sense of respect for older persons,parents who allow their children  listen to music that objectivizes  women,encourages sex and violence is helping to pass the message of immorality  and destruction.Another angle is parents  who give their children  money whenever they want are passing wrong message because  the children will grow up and thinking that the world is easy.This is a push to negative coping skills and dangerous to our society.Parents  that decides  everything in favour of their children ,whether they are right  or not ,the resultant effect is that their children  will grow up thinking that every correction is persecution.
The National Coordinator POCACOV added that good coping skills that will enthrone internal order must be encouraged by parents,guidance and caregivers as the society and quality leadership begins from the family.We must not create the impression of disorderliness in the society .A child who see his parents,guardians beat traffic light, drive wrecklessly and do all manners of things contrary to  social structure ,morals,values or existence will exist with the understanding that indiscipline and disorderliness is a welcomed idea and acceptable thing in the society.Parents are advised to refrain from any form of encouragement of exhibition of vices like buying of the so called special centres,the buying of their ways at all time which erodes the standard practices and  a source that triggers decadence in the society.The emphasis on certificate acquisition over hard work,diligence,professionalism and excellence and knowledge has to be discouraged.Every society has its values and morals as well as customs which promotes integrity and hardwork. Some parents pressure their children to become wealthy at cost and not to associate with anyone who is not wealthy irrespective of the source of wealthiness questionable or not.Efforts must be intensified by Religious organizations and others to constantly educate our young minds and children on the need to uphold morals,values  to trigger integrity because one of the truest test of integrity,is its blunt refusal to be compromised-Chinua Achebe hence the need not to compromise


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