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Ground Breaking Agreements on Mbaise Development At MPR-CSS Maiden Strategic Talks.


Abuja, Nigeria/New York, USA, April 18, 2021: It was a very optimistic outcome, following a high level meeting between the Mbaise Policy Roundtable (MPR), a non-governmental organization with offices in Owerri Imo State, Nigeria and New York, USA, and the Abuja based CSS Group of Companies- one of the largest mechanized Agribusiness in Africa, majoring in Agriculture, construction, food processing and packaging, Aviation and Renewable energy.
The MPR delegation included Her Excellency Professor Viola Onwuliri. former two-times Minister for Foreign Affairs/Education, who led the delegation, and Mr. Remmy Nwachukwu, Manager Trade Finance, Anglophone West Africa, AFREXIMBANK, while the Chairman/CEO of the CSS Group Professor John Kennedy Opara represented his organization. This meeting was to explore potential opportunities and modalities to enhance the growth of CSS and fast track the development of Mbaise through Agriculture. It was necessitated by revelations from Professor Opara’s keynote address, of a huge unmet need in the Agriculture sector, during a recently concluded conference on Agriculture Skills Acquisition.
The MPR delegation presented a mutually beneficial plan of action and/or proposal delineating ten areas of interest for the growth of CSS and the sustainable growth of Agriculture in Mbaise. Both organizations were aligned on about ninety percent of the proposal presented. Some of the topline initiatives presented and agreements reached are as follows, that;
1. CSS should designate dedicated in-house navigators at CSS and locally at MPR to handle Agric development inquiries and consultations from Mbaise. The meeting report stated that, “This was agreed and CSS contacts would be made available on request”
2. CSS should establish a customized Agriculture training center/institute in Mbaise. The meeting report stated that, “This idea was welcomed by CSS as it aligns with their training strategy.”
3. CSS should spearhead establishment of an Agriculture University in Mbaise. The meeting report stated that,” CSS has reached an advanced stage in their plan to establish Yegates University which aims to be the second private University of Agriculture in Nigeria. The University is proposed to have the main Administrative and academic campus in Mbaise while the practical and filed work will be in the Nassarawa State campus for the last two years of the students’ program”
4. CSS should support the establishment of the Mbaise Youth Agriculture Small Business Incubation Pilot Program (MYABIP)- to incubate and launch at least three successful youth-led small agriculture businesses enterprises controlling over 70% market share within 5 years. The meeting report stated that, CSS “Agreed, as this fits into the company’s strategy of using out-growers to meet ever increasing demand for their products. The poultry out-grower will be a pilot scheme in this regard”
5. CSS should establish a Food Reserve Center/Warehouse/distribution infrastructure in Mbaise. The meeting report stated, that, “CSS also agreed to this and confirmed that efforts were already in progress to identify locations for distribution channels for their products in Mbaise”
6. CSS should consciously strengthen MPR for Ndi Mbaise and add it as outlet for CSS Social Responsibility. The meeting report stated that, “CSS agreed to this”
7. CSS should identify and drive dominance in cultivating and producing the top 3 most viable agriculture produces in Mbaise. The meeting report stated that, “MPR was requested to come back with preferred products for consideration under this sub-head.”
8. CSS Chairman should ensure employment of more Mbaise sons and daughters in CSS Group as well as using his contacts to secure employments for them in other organizations. The meeting report stated that, “CSS Chairman stated that the company was an equal opportunity entity where meritocracy is seriously preached and implemented. It was agreed however, that opportunities that arise in CSS would be suitably advertised in MPR forum to give Mbaise sons and daughters opportunity to also compete.”
9. CSS should sponsor MPR Agriculture Scholarships Fund. The meeting report stated that, “CSS Chairman said that this idea was generally ok, but would like to see progress on the training partnership with MPR before evaluating this request.”
It must be recalled that CSS has offered scholarships for 20 qualified candidates from Mbaise to be selected by MPR. This program will expose the candidates to a two (2) week focused training in modern Agriculture techniques and business and costs N285,000 (two hundred and eighty five thousand Naira, only) per trainee. Professor Opara has stated that his motivation for this gesture is to reduce unemployment to Zero and eradicate hunger in Mbaise. He also received an MPR certificate through Her Excellency, Professor Viola Onwuliri, for his role as keynote speaker at the April 7, 2021 Agriculture conference, convened by MPR.
The news of the outcome of the talks has resulted in widespread enthusiastic outburst among members of MPR and the Mbaise community. The MPR Chairman Professor Eddie Oparaoji said, “we are very excited and ready to be conduit for developing Mbaise and environs, and consequently spur a new growth sector for CSS. May God bless us.” Mr Remmy Nwachukwu, an MPR delegate to the CSS meeting said, “I am honored and privileged to be part of this game-changing initiative” Mr Al Adjaero said, “Kudos to MPR, CSS, for their love for Mbaise. The partnership will definitely make a great change”. Mr Joe Akujobi said, “Good step in the right direction. Grossly commendable”. Also Mr Eddy Anyanwu said, “Hope rising, with such moves Mbaise will witness transformation in our generation”.
MPR is the premier pre-eminent Mbaise Public Policy and Business Advisory Council in the World, focused entirely on the development of Mbaise and Imo State, through the facilitation of financial and in-kind resources, private investments and private public partnerships.
MPR is situated to liaise, partner, and/or collaborate with international entities, the Imo State Government and agencies, and the private sector to produce and advance policies that will fast track Mbaise and Imo State development to a first world status.


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